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Are you a writer/performer?

Do you have old material that needs a second look? 

Do you have new material that needs work? 

Need a boost getting started on a new piece?

Wanna find the funny? Raise the stakes? 

Create conflict? Find an ending? Define the characters? 

Sharpen the performance? 

“Boost Camp was just what I needed. I highly recommend Boost Camp to anyone who is looking for a supportive, stimulating place to start or finish their show.” -  Elyssa R.

“Boost Camp provided me a safe, supportive, space and a fun atmosphere for creativity to blossom. I received clear, direct feedback.  I felt the depth of your insight and compassion. I appreciated the questions you asked to help guide me in developing my writing. - Deborah C.

“Boost Camp was a blast! Supportive, always spot-on feedback made my creative plans seem possible again. It revived my hopes and crystalized my artistic intentions!” - Rebecca P.

“Boost Camp was incredibly helpful for reworking old material. It got my creative juices flowing  and reminded me why being in a class is so helpful when developing a piece. Peter is the tops to work with. He’s incredibly insightful and is super positive. Don’t get stuck - get writing!” - Karen S.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then BOOST CAMP is for you. BOOST CAMP is my fun 2-day NYC workshop where up to 3 participants get to refine their existing material or begin developing new material in 6 hours over the course of 2 days. This small-group intensive will help kick your material to higher heights. Perfect for writers, storytellers, character actors, and sketch writers/performers who want to boost exciting new life into their material. Together we will read, discuss and perform material while giving and receiving constructive feedback. We'll focus on storytelling, stakes and comedy elements; and work towards bringing your ideas to life and thinking outside the box. 

Boost Camp runs for two days, near Penn Station. Registration fee is $150. Accepting PayPal, Venmo & credit cards only. Once registered, there are no refunds, but credit will be applied for private coaching. If you are interested in info on BOOST CAMP, please hit me back at If you know someone who needs a boost, please forward this info.

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Award-winning teacher, developer, producer and director Peter Michael Marino offers performance, writing and comedy coaching with reasonable rates in a supportive, fun environment that leads to results.

Whether you’re working on new material, starting from scratch or polishing old gems - coaching works. Together we’ll find the truth and the funny in your monologues, solo material, audition sides, stories, songs and sketches to bring out your best. Here’s what some of Pete’s students are saying:

“Peter is one of the best teachers I have ever had.”

“I am shocked and amazed at how much I grew as a performance writer in just a short time!”

“Peter understands fun and understands people.”

“He has a knack for bringing out the best in people.”

“Peter is inspiring.”

“Engaging, extremely supportive and he created a comfortable stress-free atmosphere.”

“Wonderful, funny, insightful, dedicated instructor.”

“Peter is full of encouraging and useful feedback. He is kind, thoughtful, and very witty.”

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Coaching Services:

- Your place, my place, rehearsal space or Skype

  1. -Accepting PayPal, cash, check, credit cards

  2. -Sliding scale

Whether you’re an actor, improvisor, comedian or waiter -- you have an original story to tell. But, getting solo material off the ground can seem overwhelming and downright terrifying. If you’ve been concocting tales, jotting down ideas, dreaming up characters and winding up feeling stuck, you’re not alone. You just need help getting out of your own way ... and you’ve landed in the right place. Pete has been directing, developing, teaching, performing & coaching solo shows and material since the ’97. He is the co-producer and creator of SOLOCOM which debuted over 500 original solo shows at The PIT NYC since 2013. He also directed the following:

Amy Marcs’ “Nice T*ts” @ The PIT

Mark Demayo’s “20 & Out” @ The People’s Improv Theater

Lori Hammel’s Margo Rose Live! @ The People’s Improv Theater

Mark Giordano’s MAD MAN @ The People’s Improv Theater

Amy Albert’s Delilah Dix & Her Bag of Tricks @ Ed Fringe, Dont Tell Mama, Second City

Amy Albert’s Delilah Dix: Showin’ My Business @ Laurie Beechman Theatre, Ars Nova

Alicia Levy’s CHICKAPALOOZA @ Ars Nova, The PIT

Sheila Head’s Head Games @ Ars Nova, IO WEST

Lori Hammel’s Margo Rose Reports Series @ YouTube

Elizabeth Whitney’s Wonder Woman! A Cabaret of Heroic Proportions! @ TADA

Alicia Levy’s Red Carpet Ride @ The PIT

Ellen Mareneck’s Twister Sister @ EST

Lori Fischer’s Cat on a Hot Tin Can @ The Duplex, Don’t Tell Mama

Adelaide Mestre’s Top Drawer @ Midtown International Theatre Festival

directing & development services

Thursday, April 19 from 7-10pm.

What goes into a press release? How do you get the attention you want? What is an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)? How do you create one? What do you do with it? These topics and more PR/Marketing tips will be tackled at Pete's 3-hour, interactive, idea-generating workshop. Together we will toss around creative ideas, make old ideas fresh and new, and use pre-existing press and websites for inspiration while discovering effective ways to package your show into a sleek, handy dandy EPK and press release.

COST: $75 

REGISTRATION: Send an email to Pete at

Or PayPal me here.

Coffee will be served and you'll leave with the tools to create your own press releases and EPK.


Pete's new 3.5-hour "Build a Character Workshop" will focus on bringing your fictional and non-fictional stage characters to brilliant, comical, truthful life. Through fun physical and improv exercises we'll define and refine the heart and soul of your characters from the outside in and vice versa. Perfect for those who already have characters that need definition and clarity to those who want to create vibrant new characters.

Peter Michael Marino is and international producer, performer and teacher and  the co-creator of "Character Witness" which launched over 30 original, long-running characters on stage and cable TV...including his fictional character Lance Jonathan, whose shows have played everywhere from LA to the UK. Pete has taught improv, sketch comedy, and solo show classes everywhere from The PIT to Pace University to London's Actor's Centre.


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In addition to being an adjunct professor in sketch comedy at Pace University and William Patersom University, Pete also runs 1-day to 4-week workshops. These workshops are designed to fit within your schools’ needs and time frames. Take a look at the testimonials here.

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You have stories that you want to share with the world. You’ve been dreaming up characters, but haven’t found a way to give them a voice and bring them to life. You’re seeking that perfect monologue tailored just for you. Whether you’re thinking about a story, show, or character - the practice of getting your ideas out of your head and up on the stage is what the Solo Performance Workshop is all about. Rev up your creative engine and get your ideas off the ground -- while getting out of your own way. Using improvisation techniques, writing exercises and peer feedback in an environment that’s safe, fun and full of possibilities, this writing and performance workshop will help you find the engaging truth in your story and the life in your characters. Together we’ll shape your stories and take them from A-Z, resulting in an engaging performance pieces ranging from 5-30 minutes.


“Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.”  What makes someone or something FUNNY? What IS comedy? This Comedy Essentials Workshop delivers methods and principles that aim to reveal the tools of  “comedy” from the inside out: How do you make your characters, monologues and scenes funny? How do you find the truth in comedy? How do you learn to think and BE funny? By examining film and television, as well as theater and musical comedy scripts, we will explore the concept of what makes something funny. Together we’ll utilize scene work and improvisation techniques focusing on character, status, sharp turns and “extend and advance” exercises. Based on 25 years of performance, solo show creation, directing, and improvisation, Peter’s workshop will concentrate on classic comedy history, delivery and styles -- helping performers feel more confident on stage while getting all their laughs.


0% Fear. 100% Fun. For those who are curious about creating spontaneous, dynamic, on-the-spot scenes and characters -- this workshop in basic improv techniques is for you. By incorporating group and movement-based exercises and short scene work, we’ll explore the primary fundamentals of improvisation using time-tested exercises and games. We’ll utilize and implement the number-one rule in improv by saying,  “Yes … and.” Together, we’ll create specific characters and relationships in rich environments. You’ll learn to commit to your decisions, listen to your scene partner and make yourself look great by making others look great. Not only will this workshop make you a better improviser, but it will make you more confident and trusting on stage, a more spontaneous person, and ultimately, a better listener and a better actor.

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