I succumbed last night to the narrative appeal of Peter Michael Marino's book, faithfully based on the famous 1985 film of the same name.  --EVENING STANDARD

Peter Michael Marino, who came up with the concept and book, achieves the jigsaw-puzzle trick of matching the numbers with the plot. --BLOOMBERG.COM

Peter Michael Marino's book delivers. --TIMEOUT LONDON

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll plus a drop of murder keep everything on a more or less adult plane and Peter Michael Marino's book manages to imply the dubious merits of life in the fast lane as well as in the suburbs. --HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Peter Michael Marino does a fine job of discovering Blondie lyrics that fit and

even enhance the storyline. --BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

The story translates remarkably well for the stage offering a strong, sympathetic plot, exciting chases and a mistaken identity twist reminiscent of black and white post war pot-boilers.



Although it is not easy to combine music and drama in a rock musical,  this production is one of the rare successful examples.  -- ★★★★ Nikkei Newspaper

I have never even imagined that a musical with songs of Blondie, an American rock band very popular in the 1970s and 1980s, would be put on stage. This Japanese premiere version by G2 (Direction, Translation) is a very fascinating production with a unique rendition, which tactfully combines the story with powerful hit songs -- Asahi Newspaper, Tokyo

A musical made by fitting pre-existing hit tunes tactfully into a story is called a jukebox musical, but in most cases it does not create much impact, for some reason.  The story of "Desperately Seeking Susan", a musical set to the hit songs of the U.S. rock band Blondie, is based on the film of the same title starring Madonna. It is said that the songs used in the musical make the disco generation feel nostalgic, but I, being of a musically-challenged generation, have no special feelings toward rock music and do not even know Blondie. However, fortunately, my concern proved to be unfounded. I found out that each of the Blondie songs is catchy and unique.  -- Takashi Kimura, Sports Nippon Newspaper

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Inspired by the retro 60s cool of “Mad Men,” Mark Giordano’s “Mad Man,” presents the funniest midlife crisis ever, kicking off with swinging pop music and its star delivering a witty, Rat Pack-inspired rant while clutching a frosty martini at center stage.  -- JESTER

What could easily have turned into a depressive rant about the realities and disappointments of life is kept light and remarkably funny.  Giordano is a nimble performer, leaping from topic to topic, never leaving his audience behind. In addition to great material and a charming,

alcohol-ish leading man, "Mad Man" features quality work from director Peter Michael Marino,

who does an expert job with the pacing in this show. -- STAGEBUZZ



Written by Peter Michael Marino & Sheila Head

Hollywood Nurses is exactly what it bills itself as: "a pulp dime store novel come to life." With their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks, authors Sheila Head and Peter M. Marino have a blast turning two of the medical profession's finest into scandalous tramps.

Head and Marino are equally inventive, and very funny writers. --

Playwrights Sheila Head and Peter M. Marino have penned a world as perfectly cut out as a paper doll. This witty 90-minute marathon will have you laughing until you're bursting out of your Depends. --


Written & Performed by Peter Michael Marino


I could have Lanced all night! The wildly talented Peter Michael Marino offers “More About Me!” - an autobiographical sketch of the fictional Lance Jonathan, “America’s Most Optimistic Performer.”  Marino’s Jim Carrey-esque comic intensity allows him to nail the funniest parts of the show and to animate the less witty sections, which are far and few between.

---Michael Portantiere, InTheater


Marino’s performance is endlessly energetic and immensely appealing!  This bon bon should delight anyone in the theatre business or just a big theatre -what’s that word? Oh, yes - fan!

---Roy Sander, BACK STAGE


In the thirteen years that I’ve reviewed for the Post, I‘ve seen a fair number of performers do shows in which they aim to amuse us by giving us their impressions of really bad performers. The best I’ve seen at this particular game is Peter Michael Marino. The sharply gifted actor/writer created and portrays this memorable character. If you like the quirky Pee-wee Herman, and also the brilliantly off-beat John Cameron Mitchell in “Hedwig”, or the exuberant John Leguizamo in “Freak”, you’ll probably also like this campy, oddly endearing original comic character. This “inside” cabaret spoof is funny, nicely off-center, and with a ring of truth beneath the sweet silliness.  You go, Lance! --- Chip Deffaa, New York Post

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